Brokk Demolition
A Minority & Woman-Owned Specialty Construction Firm

Brokk Demolition


Chesapeake broadened its offerings in 2001 to include fume-free remote controlled demolition of concrete slabs and walls, refractory removal services, and excavation using Brokk 180 equipment.  These electronically powered machines are available, with a skilled operator, for short and long term projects.  They are cost effective for demolition in areas such as:

Bank Vaults | Basements | Confined Spaces | Kilns | Manufacturing Plants | Office Buildings | Parking Garages | Power Plants


The following contractors have utilized our equipment and operators to save time and money on their construction projects:

  • Aleris Aluminum
  • Chemical Lime & Stone
  • Electrico
  • G&M Services
  • Heffron Company
  • Hensel-Phelps Construction
  • Innovative Cutting
  • John J. Kirlin
  • Kimball Construction
  • Meade Westvaco
  • PQ Corporation
  • Selective Demolition
  • Southland Corporation
  • Windsor Electric
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